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In this video I’m going to be showing you my experience with BluMaan Orignal and how I used it for my hair type (coarse/curly/wavy).

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Sooooo, Joe brought out BluMaan Original Meraki quite some time ago now and I’ve only just gotten around giving it a go now #latemuch.

The main reasons I never thought it would be a good product for me were:
a) My hair is 13 inches long and I couldn’t see how it was going to work for me.
b) BluMaan Original Meraki is a styling paste and my usual go to is a hair clay as that gives me the hold I actually need for my misbehaving hair.
c) I simply wasn’t aware of the brilliant features that BluMaan had incorporated into this product.

Anyway, I ended up getting curious about all his products and began doing some research of my own about them and the BluMaan Original Meraki was and interesting one indeed.

The two things that got my eyebrows raising with this product were:
1. It can be used not only as a post styling product for your hair but a prestyling product as well.
2. It has a heat protectant built into the formula so you can blow dry and straighten your hair at the same time as styling it.

I found these 2 things really intriguing because I straighten my hair quite a bit, so I’m always after new products that will help protect it and before straightening I use a lot of restyling products. All of a sudden I could see how this product could potentially work for me. So with that I was straight onto BluMaan’s marketing department like a rash to see if I could get my hands on it and try it out.

In the end, they were happy with the idea of me doing a BluMaan Original Meraki review and hence how the video below was born.
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The video isn’t exactly pitched as a BluMaan Original Meraki review, but the main thing I wanted to document was how BluMaan Original Meraki could be used from a guy with longer hair’s perspective as before doing my research I just labelled it as another styling product for guys with short hair, when that clearly wasn’t the case.

Anyway after I finally got the product in my hands and had a play with it I was very pleasantly surprised!

Let’s break down my experience.

The BluMaan Original Meraki Packaging
I actually LOVE all the art work BluMaan has done on his product packaging. It gives a real retro colour pop vibe and is definitely something I’d have sitting on my bathroom counter top. I’m not sure where he came up with the concept mixing random animals from Africa with loud obnoxious hairdo’s, but I love it. The BluMaan Original Meraki features a blue Rhino with hair up to the gods.

The Scent of BluMaan Original Meraki
By now I know it looks like I’m blowing smoke up this products butt however, I was actually really impressed with the smell of this hair product. I was a little surprised actually, I was thinking it would have a real “gent” smell to it, which wouldn’t have bothered me but I was pleasantly surprised the refreshing spearmint scent that’s been put into it. It was very subtle but really pleasant so for that I give it a big tick.

The Effects of BluMaan Original Meraki
On the BluMaan Orignal Meraki tub, it says the product has a hold factor 4 out of 6 and gives a natural finish. When I used it, I used a deep conditioning treatment on my hair first to strengthen it, applied my usual leave in conditioner, added the BluMaan Original Meraki paste and began to blow dry my hair.

After my blow dry was complete instantly I notice my hair had a lot more texture in the curl, which is very different from what usually happens. Usually when i blow dry my hair it goes into it’s most out of control state and then my straightener saves the day but I was actually impressed with definition and texture it gave my curls. If I didn’t straighten my hair in the video I did I would have been very comfortable with just wearing the texturised curls this product gave me.

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I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you next time.


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