Undercut Hairstyles for Girls – Geometric, Colored and Glitter designs

The fashionable short haircut fascinates many ladies and that is no wonder. Whether as an accent under long hair, which is only shown on request or as an effective finish for short hair cuts for women, it transforms every hairstyle into a true highlight. It offers the possibility to emphasize the neck by patterns or colors particularly original. Let yourself be surprised!
Undercut hairstyles – shaping the back

Undercut hairstyles for long hair are usually not at all conspicuous. Only for certain hairstyles is the attractive shave for ladies to the fore. If the hair is piled up or tied to a dutt or horse tail, the neck appears, which you can emphasize with any pattern. Here you see an attractive striped pattern.
Images for Undercut Hairstyles for Women

Depending on the length of the hair after the shave, color differences can be designed. Longer hair looks darker as it covers more area. The shorter the shave, the brighter the hair color appears. In this way interesting effects arise without the use of additional color. Very good to see this is undercut hairstyles like the example above.
Undercut for long hair

A great combination are Dutt and Undercut hairstyles. You can combine fashionable patterns and styling with one of the most feminine elements for ladies’ hairstyles, the Dutt. It is a great addition to the undercut and so popular with everyday life. The geometrical pattern for the undercut can be changed at regular intervals, as soon as the hair is sufficiently regrowth.
Geometric patterns

This geometric pattern is somewhat more complex and for this reason also more conspicuous. The combination of patterns for undercut hairstyles and the red color of the hair looks particularly attractive. You get two interesting accents, which are equally good for high-staked or tied hair.
Long hair with pepp

The advantage with the undercut for long hair is that this can also be hidden by request, simply by wearing the hair straight open. This is, in principle, like a tattoo, which can be found in an inconspicuous place and can be covered with clothes. So you can hide the controversial undercut hairstyles whenever you think it is necessary.
Diamond Motif

The size of the area for the undercut hairstyles you choose yourself. There are basically no rules. It just depends on how big you imagine the motif or pattern and how thick your hair is and how much you can do without the rest of your hair looking too thin. A hairdresser can best estimate this.
Asymmetrical undercut hairstyles

This undercut is slightly more than a third of the occiput and is therefore quite wide. However, a more elaborate motif and pattern is possible. For this example, a hip Aztec pattern was chosen, which is also very popular with tattoos. If you own such a tattoo, you can complement it with matching undercut hairstyles.
Short hair for women

Short hair dresses in ladies are in itself quite peppy. With an undercut, however, you bring the hairstyle to a new level. The Undercut will take a look, especially with such a pattern. In addition, there is an interesting tattoo, which seems to take the undercut further. Combine tattoos at the neck so well with undercut hairstyles.
Bob hairstyles with undercut

About half of the back of the head is decorated with an undercut. The advantage of geometric undercut hairstyles is that they are not too difficult in their implementation and can also be tried out by laymen. With this short haircut the undercut is only visible on request. A great variation for versatile undercut hairstyles.
Unusual hairstyles with undercut

Frech short hair cuts with undercut are also available if you design the hair with different colors. This is a variant for especially brave ladies. The undercut hairstyles with any patterns are designed in different colors. If desired, either the undercut can be dyed or all the hair can be dyed. You can do this yourself, a hairdresser or a girlfriend for you.
Cute cat motif

To create the different motifs and patterns for the undercut hairstyles, is played with the length of the shaved hair. This cat also came into being, which is also colored in color from the rest of the undercute. The short hair was divided into two halves – right is blue and left is pink.
Cool hairstyles with glitter

A new and popular trend is the design of undercut hairstyles with glitter. The hairstyle looks much more glamorous and is especially suitable for parties or other special occasions. There are no limits for the glitter undercut. Any motifs are highlighted with sparkling elements.
Hairstyles with undercut with green accents