Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair | 2018 NEW | Inspired by SHAHID KAPOOR

Getting ready in the AM can sometimes turn into a real drag. Especially on those days when your hair just won’t do what you want. If your untameable mane has got you running low on patience, it may be time to invest in a haircut that won’t cost you your nerves and take up your coffee time in the morning. The good news is that with a low-maintenance look, you don’t have to compromise on style any longer. Here are the best low-maintenance hairstyles that will have you looking neat with a minimal amount of effort

Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Men

1) 1. Buzz Cut
A buzzcut is usually the general term for any haircut achieved using electric clippers. However, it’s mostly associated with extra-short hairstyles that are between 1/16 to 5/8 of an inch long. While it may be the most low-maintenance in terms of styling – since you literally have to put zero effort into that – it does require regular upkeep, depending on how quickly how hair grows. On the plus side, you can just give yourself the buzz at home without spending extra dollars on pricey barber shop visits. Every electric shaver comes with different length attachments for you to chose from.

2. Crew Cut
The crew cut used to be worn by university rowing teams. It features longer hair on top that gradually fades into a tight taper along the neck. While this might be one of the more complicated cuts to do yourself at home, it is not impossible. All you need is different sized trimmer blade guards and good visualisation skills. The signature of this look is longer hair in front, which is usually styled into a quiff or a little pomp.

3. Taper Haircut
The taper haircut is quite possibly the most popular hairstyle of the year. Its clean and precise lines are typically cut with scissors instead of clippers and follow the contours of your head. This cut is the shortest around the neck and gradually grows in length towards the top of your crown. Therefore, this style usually only requires a little taming with your fingertips on top, or none at all if you’re going for more of a #wokeuplikethis effect. Even as it grows out, the taper cut can still look effortlessly good and may spare you from a few regular trips to the salon.

4. Short Side Part
Keeping your hair significantly shorter on the sides, automatically makes your hair appear thicker on the dome. While a side part may be tricky to style at such short length, you can always ask your barber for a little more definition in that area. Then all that’s left to do is use a little (or a lot – depending on the thickness of your hair) product to sweep your top hair over to the other side and put your part on display. For a dressier look, you can use pomade as it will add a bit of shine to your strands. Alternatively, you can opt for something with a matte finish for a more low-key look.

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