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Hair tutorial: how to do a quick & easy, crisscross bun hairstyle for everyday! Cute spring updo for long or medium length hair.
What other cute hairstyles should we do, let me know down below. Want more updos, braids, messy buns, half-up, half-down updos, or more school hairstyles?

Romantic low, messy bun hairstyles can be done on straight, curly or layered hair and are perfect for busy mornings for school or work.

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See more cute & easy everyday hairstyles, tirantes, peinados on my other hair tutorial channels where all the hairstyles are done on my own hair!

See more cute & easy everyday hairstyles, tirantes, peinados on my other hair tutorial channels where all the hairstyles are done on my own hair!

Easy and elegant, hidden rosette braid tutorial for short, medium, or long hair length. Be sure to try out this chic and stylish, low side bun for the holiday season.

Braided updos can be worn as a wedding hair – a bridal look – and even as an everyday hairstyle.

In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial video for beginners, I’m going to show you how to do a rosette braid side chignon. You can make this cute, braids hairstyle on straight, wavy, or on curly hair.

This hairdo will look great on all face shapes, whether you have a long, oval, square, or a round face.

Here are the basic steps to this crown braided hairstyle.

After curling your hair with a 1″ curling iron, tease the crown to make the hairstyle more voluminous and fancy, perfect for a party. To achieve a more of a casual, everyday hairstyle, don’t tease your hair. If your hair isn’t long or full enough, incorporate some hair extensions to this style.
After sectioning off the top and the sides, make a low ponytail and split it into 3 sections to do 3 3-strand braids. Make sure to pull out the sides to make the braid bigger. Afterwards, simply wrap the braids around each other to create a rosette bun look. Next, unclip the sides and the crown to start a French braid, incorporating the ends from the hair bun. Once you run out of hair from the side, switch to a lace braiding technique. Continue braiding around the side bun, pulling out the side of the braids to blend the hairstyle together. The braids should look seamless without any gaps between the crown and the bun.

This elegant, lace French braid bun hairstyle is also known as a rosette chignons in many different countries. Beautiful, glamorous, romantic, voluminous braids hairstyles can be worn as an everyday, casual hair style, for children, teenagers for school, or for a formal occasion like a wedding, prom, homecoming, or for a fancy bridal party. Braided hairdos make a trendy, cute little girl’s or a teenage hairstyles.