How to Modernize a Pompadour Haircut & Men’s Hair Coloring Highlights | Men Hairstyle 2017

How to Modernize a Pompadour Haircut & Men’s Hair Coloring Highlights | Men Hairstyle 2017

The strong vintage feel that only a pompadour can have is making a confident comeback. The look is achieved by creating extremely high volume on top with super short sides. The contrast in length adds interest, intrigue, and tons of drama. Not for the faint of heart, this haircut is for guys wanting to stand out from the crowd. It’s a great look for young men who want to look dapper and cool.
Modern Pompadour Hairstyles

To style a chic pompadour you need long hair on top, that’s why a long top short sides cut or a taper with elongated top section or even a fade with a longer top can work as a pompadour haircut. Volume is crucial in pompadours – the higher the better. As for texture, you can either go for straight high shine back-swept strands or polished waves and even some curl. Pompadour is not about mess, it’s a well-groomed dandy look.


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young men are willing to try something new every time they visit the barbershop in hopes of standing out among the crowd. However, we recommend that you first have to know what kind of hair style trend and are popular at the moment.

Messy hair look longer at the moment and that will continue to be strong in 2017. We will see a lot of long hair all one length, a suburb of long, medium length side (although the fade haircut will still be a popular choice) and longer on the top with plenty of combed to the back look for a cool extra.

What kind of hair style you want? men hair bangs? men hair bald? or more?

We have a collection of the coolest hair style tutorial for you. Some were undercut, Short Pompadour, Short Curls, Caesar Cut, Slicked Back, Faded High & Tight, Short Shaggy, Faux Hawk, Short Spiky Asymmetrical & Hawk, Short Sides, The Blow-Out, The Ombre. and many more.

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How to Modernize a Pompadour Haircut & Men’s Hair Coloring Highlights | Men Hairstyle 2017

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