Awesome Slick Back Skin Fade Tutorial | Men Hairstyle 2017

Awesome Slick Back Skin Fade Tutorial | Men Hairstyle 2017

Slick or slicked back hair, both of which are interchangeable, has been around for a while. And like many other classic hairstyles, the slick back haircut has reemerged to become a popular modern style for men. To get the modern slick back hairstyle, you must combine a fade haircut on the sides (high, mid, low, or skin fade) with medium to long hair on top. This particular style is known as the “slicked back undercut”. There is also the more classic, long slick back hair that does not require a fade on the sides


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young men are willing to try something new every time they visit the barbershop in hopes of standing out among the crowd. However, we recommend that you first have to know what kind of hair style trend and are popular at the moment.

Messy hair look longer at the moment and that will continue to be strong in 2017. We will see a lot of long hair all one length, a suburb of long, medium length side (although the fade haircut will still be a popular choice) and longer on the top with plenty of combed to the back look for a cool extra.

What kind of hair style you want? meen hair bangs? men hair bald? or more?

We have a collection of the coolest hair style tutorial for you. Some were undercut, Short Pompadour, Short Curls, Caesar Cut, Slicked Back, Faded High & Tight, Short Shaggy, Faux Hawk, Short Spiky Asymmetrical & Hawk, Short Sides, The Blow-Out, The Ombre. and many more.

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Awesome Slick Back Skin Fade Tutorial | Men Hairstyle 2017

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