7 Versatile Hairstyles for Men

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7 Versatile Hairstyles

7. The Lock Top, a mixture between a high top fade and dreads.
1. think: free spirit, casual, Neo soul type of guy

6. The Cone Fro, fade the sides (not too low) then allow her to grow naturally. Causing a cone like silhouette

5. The Toad: similar concept to 6 but more round and low fade.

4. Braid and Fade: Very new and very popular amongst streetwear guys. More edgy look, but also can be dressed up.

3. The MJ ( Bald) : don’t hold on to a retreating hairline CUT IT OFF! You’ll thank yourself later,

2. Dreads: Free Locks/Traditional: both are becoming a more common look and even seen in the business world.
1. styling it in a bun makes it appear more dressy.

1. The Fade: 90% of men started with this a child and today it still remains unbeatable.

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