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New Haircuts For Men:
60. Medium Length Textured Hair With Step
59. Skin Fade + Diffused Hair On Top
58. Long Textures + Super Clean High Fade
57. Modern Pompadour + Skin Fade
56. Longer Top + Fringe
55. Cool Undercut Hairstyle
54. The Messy Combover
53. Short Slicked Pomp + Hard Part
52. Curve Hard Part + Ultra Short
51. Longer Fringe + Short Sides = Cool Haircuts For Men
50. Cool Slicked Back Undercut Fade
49. Classic Men’s Haircut Medium Length
48. Awesome Short Haircut With Textures
47. Preppy Classic
46. Very Short Pompadour + Hard Part
45. High Fade + Hard Part + Slicked Curls
44. Big Combover + Fade
43. High Skin Fade + Medium Length Texture On Top
42. Clean Skin Fade + Natural Curls
41. Bald Fade + Short Textured Hair
40. Tall On Top + Short Sides
39. Big Volume Pompadour Undercut
38. High Skin Fade + Slicked Back Hair
37. “Point Fade” Pompadour
36. Cool Undercut Mohawk
35. Clean Skin Fade + Natural Waves
34. Mid Fade + Curls Cut Short
33. Sectioned Longer Hair Slicked Back + Short Sides
32. Cool Pomp Haircut + Mid Fade
31. Clean Drop Fade + Curly Messy Hair
30. Low Taper Fade + Hard Part
29. Longer Fringe Styled Back + Short Sides
28. High Fade Blended Into Medium Hair + Longer Fringe
27. Longer Hair Textured + Disconnection
26. Short Textured Haircut
25. Skin Fade + Hard Part + Long Side Fringe
24. High Fade Pompadour
23. High Fade Hard Part + Curls On Top
22. Drop Fade + Big Natural Curls + Volume On Top
21. Mid Fade + Natural Movement On Top
20. Curls + High Fade
19. Cool Hair Design + Short Hair
18. Long Textures + Curls + Short Sides
17. High Fade On Both Sides + Long Fringe
16. Undercut + Fine Hard Part Pompadour
15. Longer Textures On Top With High Fade
14. High Fade + Big Pompadour
13. X-Ray Part + Skin Fade
12. Long Natural Curls + Side Hard Part
11. Crispy Undercut + Messy Hair On Top
10. Fade + Hard Part + Very Short Men’s Haircut
9. Scissor Cut Cool Long Textures
8. Undercut Styled To Side
7. Long Textures On Top + High Fade
6. Cool Monochrome Hair + Thick Textures
5. Fresh Clean Skin Fade
4. Modern Undercut
3. Long Curly Fringe + Undercut On Both Sides
2. Halfway Hard Part + Sectioned Pompadour
1. Cool Hair Design Undercut + Thick Textures On Top

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