3 Easy DIY Hair Masks For Soft Healthy Hair | Men’s Hairstyle | BluMaan 2018

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– Today we’re creating 3 DIY hair mask’s for soft healthy hair!
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Mask 1:
– simply apply a bunch of healthy hair oils!

Use These:
– Argan Oil
(USA) –
(International) –
– Essential Oil Blends:

Mask 2:
– Argan Oil
– 100% Unrefined Coconut Oil
– 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mask 3:
– 1 tbsp unrefined Coconut Oil
– 1 tbsp 100% pure honey
– 1 Avocado
– 2 Eggs

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I’m back at it with another fun/experimental video. We’re creating 3 easy DIY hair masks! The come at three different levels, from super easy, to rather complicated. These 3 hair masks should leave you with soft healthy hair, some might even say silky!

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