2 For 1 Men’s Haircut (Forward Fringe + Short Side Part)


This modern, trendy haircut lets you achieve two different looks very easily – the fashionable forward fringe style, and the classic, short side part.

After having an undercut for a long time, I decided to grow my hair out for a few months. I liked having longer hair. It was fun to style in a brushed back, high side part. But it was also hard to manage. Long hair isn’t exactly convenient when it comes to working out or living in a hot climate.

So I decided to change things up with a shorter hairstyle. I brought my stylist some pictures of haircuts that I loved, and he gave me this short, textured, layered, thinned out haircut (using scissors and thinning shears).

It’s a great haircut because you can style it a few different ways. In this video, I’ll show you how I do the forward fringe style, the side swept fringe and the more conservative side part. Enjoy, and leave any questions in the comments below!
Pre-styler (before drying):
Axe “Messy Look” matte gel:
Blow dryer (better than mine):
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