15 Stylish BRAIDS For Men – The MAN BRAID | Best Braids For Men – Men’s Haircuts & Hairstyle 2018 !

15 Stylish Braids For Men – The Man Braid | Best Braids For Men – Men’s Haircuts & Hairstyle 2018 – Braids For Men – The Man Braid – Top Crispy Braids Haircuts & Hairstyles Ideas for Men.- Braided Top Knot/Man Bun – BRAIDED MAN BUN -Braid Styles | Men Long Hairstyles – Easy Man Bun Braid – Braided Hairstyles For Men 2018 | Long Hair Braids (Undercut) – Top Men’s Braids Haircuts Compilations Videos – Men’s Hair Styles | Braiding For Men | Tutorial Video | Men’s Hair Styles 2018

The man braid has become popular in recent years, although guys with braids used to call them “cornrows”. For years, men felt French braids were a woman’s domain, but braided hairstyles cross that gender boundary with style and flair, especially when you combine a fade with braids. Braids for men are the new top knots of men’s hairstyles, and the trend towards longer hair has opened up braid styles to sportsmen and hipsters alike.

Male braids are uprooting classic haircuts for guys and just like the man bun, men with braids are becoming more socially acceptable. If you have medium-length to long hair and need to keep it out of the way for sports or work, consider braids for men a trendy way to hold your hair back.

What Is The Man Braid?

The man braid, also known as cornrows for men within the black community, is a cool new men’s hair trend influenced by ancient heritage. Braided styles require taking hair and making creative designs by weaving it together in new patterns. The basic French braid has proven to be the most popular because it works for both short and long hair.

How To Braid Your Own Hair :

Learning how to braid your own hair can be tricky at first, but after a little practice, braiding won’t be a problem. The French braid is a good place to start, as it is the basis for more complex braiding designs for men. Male French braids involve gradually adding in sections of hair to tether the braid to the back of the head.

To braid men’s hair, follow these directions:

1.Start with damp, towel-dried hair. Comb the section of hair you would like to braid towards the back of your head.

2. Section off the front of your hair with a comb and separate it into three even strands.

3. Begin plaiting the hair by passing the right strand over the middle strand, then the left strand over the new center strand. Repeat twice.

4. Gather a new strand of hair from slightly further towards the back of your head, on the left side. Add this hair to the left strand. Pass the entire left strand over the center strand.

5. Repeat by adding a strand to the right strand. Continue braiding, alternately adding new strands of hair from the left and right of your hair.

6. Braid until you run out of hair and fasten with a hair tie.

7. Use a bobby pin and some hair product to neaten up any hairs that escape.

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